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Global Computing Environment

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MΞGAMINÐ is a global computing environment. We create added value by bridging hardware owners and clients of computational services. With CapEx shared all over the world, businesses and individuals pay for computations less than in traditional cloud solutions.

Our Highlights

We create an interconnected net of computers which were idle, and begin to use their resources to solve practical tasks for science and businesses

Market Growth
times cheaper
in existing cases
times faster
than existing clouds

Our Value

Fully Transparent and Legal

The company operates under the Swiss jurisdiction and acts like a traditional business, using fiat Swiss bank’s accounts.

One-stop Computing Service

Megamind creates a single (software+hardware) marketplace allowing to quickly and secure deploy any soft on rented hardware.

Development underway

Initial investment by Megaminer Gmbh keeps development going to create an MVP.

Any hardware. One place

Megamind can incorporate not only CPU and GPU hardware, but also FPGA and ASIC, letting clients rent efficient hardware for specific tasks.


Focus on corporates helps Megamind to attract a sufficient volume of orders in a short time.

Never idle — Tasks or Mining

Megamind minimizes hardware downtime by directing free capacity to mining, so hardware owners get constant income.



That’s what makes MEGAMIND so efficient:


This is where clients, developers and hardware owners come together and deals are made.

Load Balancer

Makes our system robust, dividing big computational tasks into small chunks.


We need blockchain for escrow deal settling, value transfer and overall economic transparency.

Data Encoder

Before being deployed into any hardware both software and input data must be secured to preserve the know-how.

Fields we help to disrupt

Fields we help
to disrupt

We help enteprises hungry for computing power yet not willing to overpay for it

Genome research and analysis is vital for modern bio-med tech, but it lacks cheap computing power.
We can help with that.
UAVs revolutionize logistics, telecom, security and other spheres. Photogrammetry software helps UAVs not to fly into things, so they correctly fly in a dense urban environment.
Dozens of ML apps are created every day, helping humankind to solve even most complex tasks. MΞGAMINÐ has necessary resources to host them.

Latest News

Our team

MΞGAMINÐ is a cross-border enterprise with the head office in Switzerland
and the team distributed all over the globe.

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Mikhail Zhukov

CEO, Founder

Founder of Megaminer GmbH, and a number of High-Tech projects, International Blockchain Community Influencer, Investor.


Sean Kelly

Megaminer GmbH CEO

CEO of MEDoctor TeleHealth, a company active in artificial intelligence for diagnosis. He has worked for Lombard Odier, Bank SCS Alliance, Rothschild’s and SG Warburg.


Dmitry Buslov


Chief designer deputy of real-time data processing systems for state and military customers, development of software and hardware systems based on UAV for commercial use, development of medical hardware.


Viacheslav Shlyahtych


Experienced Project Finance Manager. He ran and closed over 30 transactions over the past decade in several sectors including tech. Speciality in M&A, financial modelling, development and implementation.

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Alexey Romanov


Professional with strong analytical and marketing skills. He ran marketing campaigns for a number of ICO projects, which resulted in more than 2500 BTC of overall investments since 2016.


Kirill Fedulov

Head of Software Development

Kirill develops applications and system software for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android, including drivers and libraries for real-time data exchange for highly loaded systems.


Sergey Sevantsyan


Mentor, Investor and mastermind behind many successful blockchain startups. Believes that technology can make this world a better place.

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MegaMiner GmbH 26 Sumpfstrasse, 6312 Steinhausen, ZG, Switzerland

+44 751 708 14 51

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