Architecture and technological solutions of MEGAMINÐ

Architecture and technological solutions of MEGAMINÐ

We designed Megamind with a big picture in mind: a marketplace of distributed computing resources orchestrated by the central authority. The authority divides computing tasks into batches and sends them to the most appropriate pieces of hardware which are connected to the network.

At the moment we are developing API/SDK to enable a variety of practical cases to be connected to the hardware using the platform core and the load balancer. We aim to distribute computing batches (similar to mining’s “shares”) to GPU-based computing rigs.

We plan to deploy API/SDK (which will in fact mean that our service will become available for a public beta) in Q4 2020.

Even though the project is not yet complete, we can rent the hardware to clients on ad-hoc OTC basis. We sign a contract and work with a client according to it. This way of cooperation is particularly useful for those clients who value security and want to make the process more sound from the legal point of view.

In the future we will make the majority of marketplace deals fully automatic with plans to make settlements using blockchain smart contracts.

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