Development log

Development log

Everybody can agree that the lockdown slowed down all kinds of businesses. Well, it hardly affected Megamind: we continue service development as planned. 

According to the Roadmap we plan to release Beta in Q4 2020 and become operational in 2021.

At the moment we are working on the platform core: in particular load balancer, API/SDK, and container modules.

Our changelog as of 1 Sept. 2020:

  • MindOS Server is deployed in AWS cloud and performs basic functions:
    • Container deployment system is functional; it is managed via API;
    • Container deployment monitoring is online;
    • container repository subsystem is online;
  • MindOS Rig is installed on a number of test rigs located in Europe, Asia and N.America;
  • Data transfer between MindOS Server and MindOS Rig is cryptographically secured on the level of transport protocol;
  • We are working on API/SDK to launch our first closed beta with real clients.

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