Meet website redesign!

Meet website redesign!

We have been working on the project for quite some time. Megamind gradually becomes more and more what we plan it to be: a computing network with easy access of hardware owners, developer-friendly interface and a robust core which parallelizes all the tasks among the machines which are most economical in this particular case.

A couple of new pages were added to our website (with a couple more well under way): “How it works” — for those who were not aware of the concept of Megamind we made it easier to grasp the idea behind all the sophistication. Come check it out! Even our CTO liked the animation. It really shows what we aim to be: distributed computing service with almost no learning curve and maximum automatization of the whole process.

Megamind will have, in fact, two main interfaces: one for hardware owners and the other one — for software developers who rent the machines. We tried to make the “hardware” user journey very much like the one of a miner: all it takes is to get MindOS distributive running on your machines. In the future releases we will add options for tweaks and fine-tuning hardware: for example, not to take any tasks during the peak energy consumption with the highest prices. All the hardware owners will monitor and tweak their machines in the web interface similar to one of a miner. Cash balance and payout options will also be available in the personal account in the web interface.

The other massive update which concerns not merely a website, but the service as a whole — Network Stats page:

“That’s one small step for a web-developer, one giant leap for Megamind backend”

MGM’s API server is online and it can be used to monitor the number of machines connected to the network, their specs (CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and — in the future release — operational costs nominated in MIND after we finish the benchmarking module and this kind of info becomes available). Nevertheless, this page is another proof of a functioning network. In the future releases we will make it interactive and add some new visualisations.

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